Welcome to my little online toybox. Here you will find models of horses and other fantastic equines and dolls. I give pedigrees to those who need them and new lives to the rest if I can. Note: The horses here are MODEL horses and other models of the equine persuasion. Pedigrees are not for real live animals.

“Lucky U” is in reference to the horseshoe superstition, because this place was originally going to be just for model equines…. Even though I don’t know a lot about horse breeding and their colors. It’s a hobby. It’s for fun. The end.

The Fashion Doll Witness Protection Program:

Around 2003 I was introduced to remaking Barbie dolls into new creations through a friend, and I have loved the art ever since. It helps that I already liked dolls. I started ‘The Doll Witness Protection Program’ because many of my dolls were rescued from deplorable conditions and remodeled into new and wonderful beings. They have all been given new names, identities, and given safe haven from those that would harm them.

Usually with OOAK dolls I only give a faceup, but sometimes I will sew an entire outfit or even remold them to have new features. Not all dolls are with the protection program, but in the interest of not letting old dolls suffer horrendous fates I keep it going.

I haven’t posted all of my dolls at this website (yet). If you’re curious you can get a peek at my fashion doll history past thanks to the wayback machine. Sadly the wayback machine didn’t capture any of the pictures.

About the Horses:

I don’t things with my model horses as much as I do my dolls. There’s no reason for it. Life is just funny that way.  You will see I prefer to paint horses that are of more “Earth” colors rather than go fantastical. And I’m fond of spots.

  • All breedings are free! I can email a pedigree as a .doc.
  • All horses are aging. I’ll breed a mare as young as 4 but no older than 16. Stallions I don’t breed over age 25.
  • Mares: limit 1 foal per year. Available years will be on the mare’s listing.
  • I allow ageless get.
  • Stallions: limit 2 foals per year. Available years will be on the stallion’s listing.
  • I prefer to breed logically: a black pony born of two white parents won’t work. So if you have a question about color, you never can fail by picking a parent with the same color or pattern.

How to inquire:

Post a message on the horse or doll’s page to inquire. We can go from there. I will tell you in advance that with horses I will need:

  • foal’s name
  • Year you want
  • color, breed, sex
  • parents you want
  • make (breyer, stone, custom)
  • Model #
  • If it’s original or a custom piece
  • If one parent is not in my stable, I also need the pedigree of the other parent for my records.
  • Where to send your paper

If you are wanting to see if any of my dolls are for sale, you can post on the doll’s page or check my etsy shop. Sometimes I will list them on ebay as well.

About photos you may see:

Some of my creations have pictures. Most I currently own. If I have sold something, I retain photo rights and rights to the years I owned the horse (for pedigree purposes). You only have permission to use my photos for personal use such as showing a potential sire or dam match what the mate looks like, talking in your blog. You cannot claim credit to my photos or do anything that suggests you’re a jerk. I do things to jerks like filing formal complaints to their internet providers. So please don’t be a jerk.


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