Putting on jackets and long sleeves tip

One thing that drives me crazy when trying to put long-sleeved anything on my fashion dolls is how their hands, especially their fingers, will catch and not let you get the garment on. Tonight the Monster High doll in the featured image caught the sleeve of my favorite Shibajuku jacket and poked a hole in it. ARGH!

So here’s something I figured out to get the clothes on easier, and I’m sharing it with you. It’s very simple.

DSC00256I wrapped scotch tape tightly around my doll’s fingers and form a sort of sheath. I did it so the fingers were pulled in a little bit. (Not all dolls will let you do that.) When I was done my doll’s hand looked like the images to the right.

Once I had her hands all nice and bound, I put on a Bratz outfit I got on clearance. Her arms slipped right through without a hitch!

I have to remember to do this in the future.

Here she is all dressed up! Although she only looks this way until I am ready to work my evil magic and transform her into someone new.