Will It Fit?

I don’t like most Barbie and Barbie knock-off fashions, but I absolutely love some of the things I see for other dolls. So I’ve begun to compile my own list of what to get and what not to get, and I’m putting it here.

My list isn’t as complete as some because I’m only adding as I find out per doll I have actually worked on. So I also suggest the following things I found on Google (partly of which I have pulled the information from aside from experience):

On to the dolls.

Monster High

  • Disney VIP clothes
  • Teen Skipper clothing, but slightly loose
  • Petite and tall Barbie clothing
  • Bratz clothing, although crop shirts and pants are high.
  • Monster High Boys can wear Bratz Boys outfits, but it’s a little short
  • Moxie Girl pants and skirts. Shirts fit Monster High Boys but usually not girls.
  • Stardoll shoes
  • Cutie-Pop Clothes
  • Blythe clothing, but not shoes.
  • Licca clothing
  • Dal clothing
  • Shibajuku (I love their outfits!). A tad loose but can be worked with.
  • Wigs: Liv wigs, Moxie Teenz, and size 5/6 doll

Ever After High

  • Star Darlings clothes, but not the shoes

Barbie (all types)

  • Shibajuku – fits slim bodied Barbies and some average and old-fashioned bodies. Curvy Barbies will fit some shirts and maybe a skirt.
  • Sparkle Girlz – fits slim bodied and average Barbies. Curvy Barbies depend on the outfit. Shoes fit.

Moxie Girlz

  • Bratz (some, usually just the tops or skirts)
  • Barbie clothes, although they tend to be loose in areas and need refitting