Yes, it’s been a while but I have returned with a new addition to the Fashion Doll Witness Protection Program (going since 2003!). Her name is Valessa, and she was once a Mattel Barbie Teresa. Let me sing you the song of my people – I mean, let me tell you her woeful tale.



She was a neglected fashion doll from the start. The child that she was given to barely played with her, and one day she found herself cruelly put on the sales block at Goodwill. I came and whispered promises into her ear, and now she stands a new and strong woman. I even took her shopping and got her a new pair of shoes, which she gets to keep.

Details are as follows:

  • Valessa was created using a rescue Teresa by Mattel. Due to the nature of her rescue, I do not know which exact model.
  • The best available pastels, watercolor pencil and acrylics have been used while trying very hard not to poke her eyes out. I think she was more scared than I was, though. Her face has been sealed with several coats of Mr Super Clear matte sealer and brushed to take away the shine.
  • Repaint details: brown eyes, eye shadows of brown and gold accent. Painted eyelashes and gorgeous feathered eyebrows. Daring red lips! Her eyes and lips have been given that special gloss for effect.
  • Her original hair was washed, conditioned, and then given a wavy perm.

She includes the outfit she is wearing, and a pair of shoes that have been painted (and sealed) to match.

Valessa has found a happy home! Congratulations, Valessa! Her new caretakers will receive a certificate of authenticity once we can make contact.