Altamaha is one of my prides, and I’d put my heart into her. At the time I’d showed how I made her step for step on one of my websites… submitted photos to a doll magazine… and saw my entire process put up as an article by SOMEONE else the next issue. Anyway…

River3She entered the Fashion Doll Witness Protection Program as a slightly abused Ariel doll whose marriage to Eric hadn’t gone quite as perfectly as her teenage heart had dreamed it would. She would return to the sea as a warrior queen, whose trials on land had taught her how to stand up for herself and do what must be done.

To regain her tail it had to be build scale by scale Hollywood grade materials. Then it came time for her to decide her colors. She chose the clown fish, her weapon would be a fisherman’s hook so that none of her brethren would be caught on one again. And off she went as one of the most beautiful creatures in the sea.

Altamaha collage