Carol Ann: in progress!

27 October 2020

You know that doll I posted last as my up and coming project? Scratch that. I kind of accidentally broke her neck. A lot of my dolls are old and getting brittle. Which means this is the next beauty to be dug out of the… ahem… large chest that’s literally brimming with dolls.

Before I began I had to identify her. Thank you, Internet. Thank you, Youtube.

So stay tuned to this post which will update as she does.

16, November 2020

At this point I’ve managed to work a little on Carol Ann. I soaked her hair in detangler and managed to get it looking nice again, but it’s not the luxurious locks like you see in the commercial.

Here is Carol Ann’s head separated from her body with her hair drenched and combed. It’s looking better already. The doll next to her is about to donate her body to the cause, to give Carol Ann a better shape.
Unfortunately when separating the head from the second doll body, her neck cracked.

I almost got rid of the body. I did order new blank doll bodies because I didn’t feel like digging to see if I had another body I’d like (and I don’t like most of them anyway) but today I decided: why not see if I can fix this creatively?

I have some very very strong epoxy clay. It’s the kind of clay they use for prop making in Hollywood. Very expensive. Did I mention it was strong?

What if I give her an old-fashioned ball top neck? It may work. It may not. We’ll wait and see.

Piggie with a Blanket

Name: Piggie
Art piece name: Piggie with a blanket
Birthday: November 18, 2020

I have no way of identifying the pig body that I managed to order. (And they accidentally sent me 2 more. Ooops.) Doesn’t matter, though, because she’s my own brand. The Spearcarrier brand. Ha ha.

Piggie with a Blanket stands 6″ tall. Her blanket and outfit were individually crafted for her and her alone. She came with a pair of shoes that have been modified to her unique tastes.

Her wig is handmade, one of a kind piece just for her. It’s made from a blend of wool and acrylic fiber. It’s so soft! And yes, that’s a little toothie!

Her pajamas proved to be a bit of a challenge. I’d gotten a pattern that was supposed to fit dolls her size, but soon learned the arms were a bit snug. It’s a trial getting the shirt off and on. I worried I was going to pop a seam.

I might do two more piggies, being as I have the blank doll bodies to do it. If so, the next one will be entitled “This piggie can fly.” I will also name the series “Three Little Piggies”… if I do it. I’ve got plans, but life may have other plans.

Here are some more photos of the little one for you to enjoy. I’m not sure if she’s going to be for sale yet. I may wait until I’ve done all three, if I do them. Or… I may not wait. I dunno.

New projects on the desk…

Oooh, what am I planning? I’ll give you this. That lovely lady there is a member of the witness protection program, which traditionally does something glamorous.

The other guy? I’m looking for just the right piggie cloth.

Kitten Catfe! MIMI MEOW!

Holy cow, I was just hanging out in the toy section with the other half and there they were. Kitten Catfe! And they’re by none other than Jakks Pacific!

I fell in love IMMEDIATELY and had to have one, which meant putting some food back but I didn’t mind.

I was so excited opening the cup (they come in a cup!) to see who I got. I got Mimi Meow, and three little roly poly kittens, Jezzie Meow, Bean Meow, and Fluffs Meow. D’OH!!! I love them!

I can’t decide if I’m going to keep Mimi as she is and wait until I get a second one, but yes. Oh hells yes! I have OOAK plans for these guys.

I’m positively inspired. Send me kitty dolls. Send me all of the kitty dolls.


Moonshadow (sold!)

We found an abandoned clutch of eggs a while ago – we realized the mother, who would never have left her nest for anything – met a fatal end. We have had the clutch here in our bestiary, hoping they would come to life. And sure enough!

Moonshadow, a beautiful feathered dragon straight from the Late Jurassic, has hatched. Now he’s looking for a home, and we here at Draconis Rehoming are thrilled to be able to help this little guy out. He’s so small, and cute, and lovable. Look at how he shyly peeks at you, wondering if you’re going to be the person who will love him for all of his thousands of years.

He stands 2″ tall and is handmade from high quality polymer clay.
Color: black with blue accents
Eyes: gold

SOLD! He found a home so quickly, though! So happy for him.




Princess Polly Muhr

My first larger scale chibi doll figurine. Because she has some imperfections she’s not for sale. But I’m making this post and will hopefully be putting up good photos later so you can enjoy her.

My clays are years old and were exposed to air, so they’re not very strong. Her face developed tiny cracks and her gown messed up a bit. She also leans, despite my best efforts to get her to stop that. But I’m pleased with her face and hair; how the style turned out.

Oh, and when I’m working with clay I have this problem where my nails always gauge the clay in random places. Even when I cut them short. I accidentally discovered a new technique to keep things smooth and clean but that’s gonna take practice, and I need to research to see if it causes problems to the clay.

I can’t wait to make another! Maybe I’ll make a friend for Polly.

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