Kitten Catfe! MIMI MEOW!

Holy cow, I was just hanging out in the toy section with the other half and there they were. Kitten Catfe! And they’re by none other than Jakks Pacific!

I fell in love IMMEDIATELY and had to have one, which meant putting some food back but I didn’t mind.

I was so excited opening the cup (they come in a cup!) to see who I got. I got Mimi Meow, and three little roly poly kittens, Jezzie Meow, Bean Meow, and Fluffs Meow. D’OH!!! I love them!

I can’t decide if I’m going to keep Mimi as she is and wait until I get a second one, but yes. Oh hells yes! I have OOAK plans for these guys.

I’m positively inspired. Send me kitty dolls. Send me all of the kitty dolls.


Moonshadow (sold!)

We found an abandoned clutch of eggs a while ago – we realized the mother, who would never have left her nest for anything – met a fatal end. We have had the clutch here in our bestiary, hoping they would come to life. And sure enough!

Moonshadow, a beautiful feathered dragon straight from the Late Jurassic, has hatched. Now he’s looking for a home, and we here at Draconis Rehoming are thrilled to be able to help this little guy out. He’s so small, and cute, and lovable. Look at how he shyly peeks at you, wondering if you’re going to be the person who will love him for all of his thousands of years.

He stands 2″ tall and is handmade from high quality polymer clay.
Color: black with blue accents
Eyes: gold

SOLD! He found a home so quickly, though! So happy for him.




Princess Polly Muhr

My first larger scale chibi doll figurine. Because she has some imperfections she’s not for sale. But I’m making this post and will hopefully be putting up good photos later so you can enjoy her.

My clays are years old and were exposed to air, so they’re not very strong. Her face developed tiny cracks and her gown messed up a bit. She also leans, despite my best efforts to get her to stop that. But I’m pleased with her face and hair; how the style turned out.

Oh, and when I’m working with clay I have this problem where my nails always gauge the clay in random places. Even when I cut them short. I accidentally discovered a new technique to keep things smooth and clean but that’s gonna take practice, and I need to research to see if it causes problems to the clay.

I can’t wait to make another! Maybe I’ll make a friend for Polly.

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

A couple of weeks ago, I put Valessa and Ava on my table at a convention in Indianapolis – Starbase Indy to be precise – and lo to my delight they found a home at last.

But parting is such sweet sorrow. We at the Fashion Doll Witness Program love it when those who come to us are able to stand on their two vinyl feet and walk strongly away into new glamorous lives. But we also miss them.

As soon as I make contact with their new home, certificates of authenticity will be mailed to ensure their new identities remain intact.

Congratulations, Valessa and Ava!

Ava: Moxie Girlz Avery repaint

The Story

One chilly November day, we at the Fashion Doll Witness Protection Program were contacted by special service agents from a secret program under the government umbrella. There was a famous gymnast defecting from Russia, and they wanted our help in giving her a new identity.

We were only happy to oblige. How could we turn her away? This is how Ava came to us — we shan’t reveal her real name, but let’s just say that you might recognize her if you get your hands on the right Russian newspapers.


I love the Moxie Girlz, and I’m kind of sad that they’re not being manufactured anymore. When they were out and an item, of course I didn’t have the money to purchase them. I do have one in my personal collection I had repainted, and I’ll photograph her eventually. I also have this beauty, who I rescued from somewhere but it’s been so long I can’t remember where from. I see them on ebay sometimes. I’m probably going to start buying them.

Her before pictures:

She smells a little bit like mothballs, but she was still in excellent condition. I just needed to get her hair straight. She’s a basic model Avery Moxie Girlz still in her original clothing, so I only repainted her face. I tried to give her a small quirk of a smile to go with one narrowed eye and a lifted eyebrow.


Ava has found a home. Her new owner will receive a certificate of authenticity once we can make contact.

Putting on jackets and long sleeves tip

One thing that drives me crazy when trying to put long-sleeved anything on my fashion dolls is how their hands, especially their fingers, will catch and not let you get the garment on. Tonight the Monster High doll in the featured image caught the sleeve of my favorite Shibajuku jacket and poked a hole in it. ARGH!

So here’s something I figured out to get the clothes on easier, and I’m sharing it with you. It’s very simple.

DSC00256I wrapped scotch tape tightly around my doll’s fingers and form a sort of sheath. I did it so the fingers were pulled in a little bit. (Not all dolls will let you do that.) When I was done my doll’s hand looked like the images to the right.

Once I had her hands all nice and bound, I put on a Bratz outfit I got on clearance. Her arms slipped right through without a hitch!

I have to remember to do this in the future.

Here she is all dressed up! Although she only looks this way until I am ready to work my evil magic and transform her into someone new.


Will It Fit?

I don’t like most Barbie and Barbie knock-off fashions, but I absolutely love some of the things I see for other dolls. So I’ve begun to compile my own list of what to get and what not to get, and I’m putting it here.

My list isn’t as complete as some because I’m only adding as I find out per doll I have actually worked on. So I also suggest the following things I found on Google (partly of which I have pulled the information from aside from experience):

On to the dolls.

Monster High

  • Disney VIP clothes
  • Teen Skipper clothing, but slightly loose
  • Petite and tall Barbie clothing
  • Bratz clothing, although crop shirts and pants are high.
  • Monster High Boys can wear Bratz Boys outfits, but it’s a little short
  • Moxie Girl pants and skirts. Shirts fit Monster High Boys but usually not girls.
  • Stardoll shoes
  • Cutie-Pop Clothes
  • Blythe clothing, but not shoes.
  • Licca clothing
  • Dal clothing
  • Shibajuku (I love their outfits!). A tad loose but can be worked with.
  • Wigs: Liv wigs, Moxie Teenz, and size 5/6 doll

Ever After High

  • Star Darlings clothes, but not the shoes

Barbie (all types)

  • Shibajuku – fits slim bodied Barbies and some average and old-fashioned bodies. Curvy Barbies will fit some shirts and maybe a skirt.
  • Sparkle Girlz – fits slim bodied and average Barbies. Curvy Barbies depend on the outfit. Shoes fit.

Moxie Girlz

  • Bratz (some, usually just the tops or skirts)
  • Barbie clothes, although they tend to be loose in areas and need refitting